General Feedback
“The place is awesome….I have brought every out-of-town visitor there
to check it out.”
- Heather Eck, Williamsburg

“Friendly staff…convenient hours….lots of healthy exercise for kids….”
- Nancy Everson, Williamsburg

“I like the family-oriented atmosphere…the kids are more important
than the competition.”
- Lisa Tomasek, Lanexa

“I like the sports and activity based children’s programs. It is a one-stop-shop….
for a working Mom, that is great….”
- Mary Jo Bailey, Williamsburg

“The wide variety of health/sports activities (for people of all ages) enhances life
in the greater Williamsburg area.”
- Joshua Gemerek, Williamsburg

“I love the offerings and the various convenient times for the programs…
all the coaches…have been superb with the children….”
- Elizabeth Hiestand, Williamsburg

“I recommend the sports programs at WISC to others….the programs have
mature instructors with considerable experience….”
- Debbie Bebout, Williamsburg

“The programs offered are high-quality….” Jane Marioneaux, Williamsburg
“Professional, friendly, relaxed environment.”
- Leslie Parker-Moye, Providence Forge, VA.

“The focus is on health and fun….”
- Lottie Grimes, Williamsburg
Soccer Coaches…. “provided structure and guidance and held children accountable
while they taught them…..exuded patience.”
- Anne Ricks, Williamsburg

“The indoor soccer program has been a huge part of my life for the last 5 years…”
- Joshua Gemerek, Williamsburg

“The turf soccer field is awesome.”
- Doug Dahnke, Williamsburg

“The facility is great for our indoor soccer games!”
- Amy Hardman, Virginia Beach

“The soccer programs are very good and have knowledgeable leadership…
Our son has enjoyed the soccer sessions and has grown by leaps and bounds,
both emotionally and physically.”
- Will Sullivan, Williamsburg


“Great staff…great facility….great environment.”
- Elizabeth Salyers, Williamsburg

“Love the programs…the staff is great”
- Hester Family, Hayes

“The gymnastics program is wonderful….”
- Susan Campbell, Toano

“We had a gymnastics birthday party for my daughter and it was WONDERFUL!
The kids all had a real blast.”
- Kristin Downey, Williamsburg

“My kids love to try out all the activities.”
- Kristin Downey, Williamsburg
Fitness Center
“The fitness center is great…tons of equipment. I’ve told lots of people about it!”
- Susan Campbell, Toano

“Great facility for soccer and fitness. GREAT staff!”
- Julie Bradshaw, Williamsburg

“The fitness center is first-rate!”
- Sarah Lichtel, Williamsburg

“I like the fitness area…the fitness trainers are very knowledgeable
and very person-oriented.”
- Matthew Penfold, Williamsburg
Kids Club
“The school age camp at the WISC is a great place for students to develop their
physical abilities, but it is also a great place for them to develop leadership skills
and to learn to be team players.”
- Brian & Robbie Blackwell, Williamsburg

“I commend the staff for making a difference in the lives of all the little
ones that enter your doors.”
- The Hundley Family, Williamsburg.

Kids Club “a rewarding and very positive experience.”
- Stephanie Smith, Williamsburg.

“My experience at WISC Kids Club has been excellent. My children will always
cherish these early years. Thank you for all the years of teaching, loving and caring
for our children.”
- Kathy Odell, Williamsburg.